Did Benjamin Franklin Invent Marijuana Law Reform?

by CannaMama

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Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin’s Autobiography is the original blueprint to the 'American Dream'

Did Benjamin Franklin Invent the Marijuana Law Reform Movement?

By George Rohrbacher, NORML Board of Directors, medical marijuana patient

Of all of America’s Founding Fathers, only Benjamin Franklin was a signer of all three of our country’s essential documents, The Declaration of Independence, the Treaty that ended the Revolutionary War and the United States Constitution.

Benjamin Franklin was also the only Founding Father who actively campaigned against the institution of slavery. As a scientist, Benjamin Franklin, the man who learned to control lightning, was as revered and world-famous in his day, as Einstein was in his.

Franklin, among many other things, gave us the conceptual framework we still use every time we think about things electrical. He was the first to describe electricity as having positive and negative charges. Ben Franklin’s fingerprints are everywhere one looks in 21st Century.

Ben Franklin has often been called “the first American”, because, in so many ways, he embodied the brash new nation he helped create. His talents as an inventor and scientist are legendary.  Consider a few of the useful creations that Ben left us: bifocal glasses, the wood stove and the lightning rod.  They were all inventions he chose not to patent because he saw they were so potentially useful to the general public. They were among his many gifts to humanity.

As the statesman, Ben Franklin was as essential to creating our new nation, as was George Washington, the soldier. Franklin’s unique combination of charm, celebrity and brilliance brought France in on our side of the Revolutionary War with the troops, navy and money necessary for us to win.

As a proud citizen of a free society, Ben’s genius also flourished with his social inventions like the volunteer fire department, the lending library, the community hospital and, what has become, the University of Pennsylvania.

As a writer, his prime work is The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, a bestseller, never out of print since it was written, nearly 250 years ago.  It is the true story of a runaway printer’s apprentice who, at the age of 17, stole himself from his older brother to whom he was indentured until he was 21 years old.

Franklin’s Autobiography is the original blueprint to the ‘American Dream’ of how to become a self-made man.  Horatio Alger and Dale Carnegie, are simply Ben’s 19th and 20th Century adherents and proselytizers.

Today in the 21st Century, self-help books cover whole walls in bookshops.  Franklin was the author the world’s very first best-selling book in the self-help genre.

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Source: Benjamin Franklin Invented NORML (and the marijuana law reform movement)!


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